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In other areas land with a legacy of dereliction may be appropriately mined as opencast as a prelude to lớn clear-up and restoration.

These cover the clear-up procedures that take place after each exercise, including the requirement for the disposal of unused or unexploded munitions.

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This explains why the clear-up rate for burglary is ví low.

I am pointing out to lớn him that the clear-up rate has risen, and that the incidence of crime has fallen.

Although the public are pleased about the improvement in the clear-up rate for burglary, that has not eroded their fear of crime.

Does he agree that the prison system survives on the low clear-up rate and that a high one would be disastrous?

He has criticised their sickness rates, wastage rates and clear-up rates, and has generally presented the police force as a bunch of lazy, ill layabouts.

Furthermore, as we all know, the graffiti would re-appear within days and the expense of the clear-up would be money down the drain.

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The focus instead has been on performance indicators such as response times, clear-up rates and devolved budgeting.

It remains the undoubted fact that if the conviction rate or the clear-up rate rises, crime falls, and vice versa.

Our goal must be prevention, ví as not to lớn have to lớn giảm giá with the major clear-up after a disaster at all.

Crime is increasing and the clear-up rate for theft remains low.

The corresponding clear-up rates for 1978–82 are given in the following table.

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It is misleading to lớn consider a broad total without taking into tài khoản the clear-up rate, for example, of tự động crime.

Crime prevention, public safety, traffic efficiency, and ví on are not covered by the test of clear-up rates.

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