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I would lượt thích to tát close my ngân hàng account.

expand_more Tôi ham muốn đóng góp tài khoản ngân hàng của tôi

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I would lượt thích to tát hire an accountant to tát help u with my tax return.

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We would appreciate if you cleared your account within the next few days.

Chúng tôi rất rất ao ước ông/bà hoàn toàn có thể nhanh gọn lẹ giao dịch thanh toán nhập vài ba ngày cho tới.

Taking into account the statistical data, we can surmise that…

Sau Khi đánh giá những số liệu này, tao hoàn toàn có thể tiếp cận Tóm lại...

Can I open a ngân hàng account online?

Tôi hoàn toàn có thể phanh thông tin tài khoản ngân hàng online được không?

I would lượt thích to tát close my ngân hàng account.

Tôi ham muốn đóng góp thông tin tài khoản ngân hàng của tôi

Can you block my account?

Có thể khóa thông tin tài khoản ngân hàng của tôi được không?

I would lượt thích to tát open a ngân hàng account.

Tôi ham muốn phanh một thông tin tài khoản ngân hàng

to take into account

đế ý cho tới một yếu tố cần thiết

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

Individuals living alone who were 65 years of age or older accounted for 14.3% of households.

By his tài khoản and court records, he lost nearly $200,000 in the 1921 race war.

The difference between the two values is not accounted for as land area.

Newspaper accounts vì thế not indicate if the sentence was appealed.

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Some difficulties have been noted in the tài khoản of his life.

The college offers certificates, diplomas and graduate degrees in accountancy and computer science.

The study ranked cities based on their provision of advanced producer services such as accountancy, advertising, finance and law.

Its members work in accountancy firms, the public sector, the financial services, and other private sector businesses.

He became an accountancy clerk but continued his studies and matriculated successfully.

He was educated at state schools, and later studied accountancy while working as a clerk.

The company retains approximately 300 professionals: geologists, lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, financial analysts and mining analysts to tát tư vấn the companies under its umbrella.

The shorter the time interval, the more likely the need for the accountant to tát estimate amounts relevant to tát that period.

Many of them are lawyers rather than thở accountants.

The firm employs more than thở 200 accountants, consultants, and administrative staff.

In other situations it may be agreed to tát have agreements reviewed by lawyers, accountants or other professional advisers.

The aim of hedge accounting is to tát provide an offset to tát the mark-to-market movement of the derivative in the profit and loss tài khoản.

He chose to tát leave the comfort of an established company to tát pursue his plan for public accounting.

The current conducted via the collector is proportional to tát the voltage across the base-emitter junction, accounting for the bias, as with other configurations.

This toàn thân sponsored the concept of full cost accounting that makes environmental governance the foundation of other governance.

The school added electrician classes in 1912, followed by accounting and tự động repair before opening an engineering department in 1919.

The parent company's reputation has also been tarnished in recent years by a scandal over the doctoring of accounting books to tát meet unrealistic profit targets.

Analysts maintain that real estate ratings, have to tát evolve beyond the mere financial rating of their tài khoản books.

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Do you think my accounts book has emotion?

The alleged fraud, according to tát investigation, was uncovered by the management of the ngân hàng when they audited their tài khoản books.

The tài khoản book also records his epic journeys around the country keeping track of all his projects, and the problems he sometimes had getting his clients to tát pay.