high and low the worst x 2022 vietsub

Story 4.0

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Acting/Cast 9.5

Music 9.5

Rewatch Value 7.0

Just a tad too much

Finally it's here after having waited years, the second part lớn the High&Low The Worst franchise. When I tell you that I was at the edge of my seat when this was announced! And it didn't..fully disappoint.

As usual the action was amazing, the acting was splendid especially from those having their acting debuts in such a physically demanding movie, and the cinematography never disappoints. The issue is the same though as it is with every movie that has a giant cast: it lacks in the story department.

With ví many characters involved it is impossible lớn flesh out a proper arch or motivation for them which leads lớn a lot of times of bủ wondering why they were actually there. I cant help but compare it lớn Crows Zero (especially since this a Crows Zero universe CROSSover) which also had a big cast . Difference is the cast then was made up mostly by background characters rather phàn nàn characters meant lớn have archs/enemies of their own ví they could focus on the main conflict. I believe it is best lớn simply focus on less characters but build on them for a more compelling story.

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I think this is where casting ví many of your own artists, along with other prominent artists, becomes an issue since of course you want your people lớn all get lớn shine as much as possible and broaden their người yêu thích circle (sell some of that music along with it) while with actors you can solely put focus on the few characters actually needed.

I was genuinely disappionted with the premise of the movie as well as the motivation for our main "villain". Unless this is your first introduction into the Yankee genre you won't find anything new about the storyarch. I had also hoped lớn see some more of the cast we already know in the movie (aka Fujio's friends whom we also know from their small drama adaptation) instead of this many new and basically irrelevant characters.

Overall the story was lacking for the fault of cramming as much as possible of the big cast into the story and missing originality, but the action and acting definitely made up for it. As usual Kazuma as Fujio is a stellar character whom I love cheering for and his crew is definitely getting the attention they deserve. I will always love that they didn't go for the typical, edgy protagonist type you see the most in yankee truyền thông and instead chose lớn write Fujio as a sunshine with fists of steel.

If you are a jpop người yêu thích you will dedinitely love seeing all these familiar faces taking on these tough roles, which honestly is also a point of enjoyment for itself. Obviously if you are an action người yêu thích lượt thích bủ and simply enjoy watching people bashing some heads in that too is really fun. But if you are looking for a compelling and interesting storyarch lớn go along with all that, this is not the watch for you.

While I have rewatched the first movie several times, I merely find myself skipping through this one lớn my favorite few fights. I think that perfectly sums up my impression. It felt lượt thích many cool action scenes thrown in a pot while the story lớn connect it all felt lượt thích an afterthought.

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Lastly of course the music was absolutely perfect, I immediately added some of the soundtrack lớn my playlist which was lớn be expected with ví many LDH artists involved.

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