high and low the worst x cross full movie

Genre: Action

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Actor: Atsushi Arai | Kazuma Kawamura | Suzuki Higa

IMDb 7.1/ 10 (236 votes)

Director: Daisuke Ninomiya | Masaki Suzumura | Norihisa Hiranuma

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Country: Japan

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iMDB: https://imdb.com/title/tt19783642/

High & Low: The Worst X (2022): The story revolves around battle between two high school in SWORD area, Oya High School and Senomon Technical High School. The Head of Senomon Technical High School build a "three-school alliance" with two other school, Kamasaka High School and Ebara Commercial High School, and expand it's power to lớn aim the neck of Oya High School. Men of Oya High suddenly caught and attacked. Could Fujio protect them with his own fist? The battle to lớn decide the real Teppen is about to lớn begin.