my day the series

Story 6.0

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Acting/Cast 3.5

Music 8.5

Rewatch Value 3.0


How tự I explain My Day? A perfect storm, a chaotic mess that keeps you coming back for more lượt thích the series is just all over the place that it makes it super interesting, I mean the fact that it has an 8-star rating generally and I am giving it a 6.5 despite everything should tell you enough.

On đồ sộ my review, I will first start by saying if you come đồ sộ My Day with expectations of Oscar level acting and scenes, then you will be disappointed, annoyed, and disgusted. But if you have an open mind you will actually come đồ sộ enjoy this ví much. BTW, gmmtv have NOTHING on oxinfilms in terms of sliding in advertisements, lượt thích in fact, gmm can learn from oxinfilms, lol. When I was watching My Day I was watching 17 other ongoing BLs weekly, yet out of the 17, My Day, Gaya Sa Pelikula, and Still 2gether kept mạ excited for the next week's episode. PLUS EPISODE 8, IT HITS YOU OUT OF NOWHERE, OMG

I am going đồ sộ be reviewing this as episodes 1 đồ sộ 3, then 4 upwards because I warn you now, 1 đồ sộ 3 have been some of the worst episodes I have watched in a BL or series, by episode 4, they step up their game a bit and by episode 5, you have hit some good stuff.

NOTE; Some shows are just đồ sộ be enjoyed, not necessarily analyzed, discerned, methodically detailed, or examined for ultimate correctness. Sometimes, a show is just for a little humor, laugh, and entertainment. I totally agree that this series is "campy," a little "off-beat," and possibly somewhat politically incorrect at times. But, it does have some "heart," and an occasional "feel good" moment


Episodes 1 đồ sộ 3 are just plain chaotic, weird and happens ví fast you get whiplash. Like the scene where Sky was begging Ace for a job or how fast Ace suddenly went from mean and terrible đồ sộ dễ thương and fluffy with Sky. Like then the driving scene and restaurant scene were just......... To summarize it all, episodes 1 đồ sộ 3 will make you want đồ sộ lose your mind

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It's not lượt thích I am saying after episode 3 you will start getting perfect episodes, but the series gets better and more enjoyable there is still some cringe here and there but overall, it does not take away from the fun of the series. So the thing about My Day is more of the story of 2 people falling madly in love, giving us the gay version of romcoms and Disney movies per se, than vãn being a story with a specific storyline, lượt thích struggling with sexuality or family or any of that. It's meant đồ sộ be about Sky and Ace Tan getting together, I mean there is the layer of Ace's dad being the worst and a homophobe but it is not the focus of the series, the series is about them falling in love mainly.

There were parts that were lượt thích loud and obnoxious but lượt thích they are ultimately okay, sometimes their acting was sport on and good, then other times, you would be ví perplexed by the acting, as their facial expressions, expressing emotions and tonations were just kinda bad.

There are parts that were lượt thích the scene draws out or a part that is ví unnecessary đồ sộ the story but lượt thích I don't mind them, anything đồ sộ make an episode longer is worth it cause I didn't want them đồ sộ kết thúc, lượt thích Moira and the entire dog kidnapping scene was such a waste of time but I mean it gave us Sylean insulting Moira savagely, lol.

The blessed episode, they sealed themselves in the league of MaxTul, MewGulf, and SaintZee... Like everyone that watched that episode thought that was the ending after the fireworks, then BOOM, they hit us in the face, lượt thích Woah Ohh.

Episode 11
Episode 11 ví far has been one of the best episodes in terms of control of everything, emotions, acting everything as a whole, lượt thích I never expected đồ sộ feel pain in My Day but episode 11 did that, but the ending confused mạ a little I won't lie but it wasn't bad or anything

I love the chemistry between the actors, they go ví well together and their ever-present sexual innuendos made it ví much better. They were dễ thương and fun, easy-going and a nice way đồ sộ relax, lượt thích episode 6 'dry and wet' remarks or the 'he is used đồ sộ big ones' or 7 and the reference đồ sộ 'prove đồ sộ mạ you are the top' and all the Sky is the top chant. I loved seeing them on my screen. I mean there was the acting misses but ultimately it was an okay series

Miss Becky was a guilty pleasure, lol, I stan her.

Then also the music is kinda great lượt thích I got a few songs from the series ví far.

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the found it in was interesting lượt thích Banana Ketchup or Yam Flavoured Ice Cream or Yam Bread. it picked my interest in trying food from the Philippines

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