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The Tyrant Falls in Love

Juné's cover for Vol 1 of the US license

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(Koisuru Bōkun)
GenreYaoi, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Written byHinako Takanaga
Published byKaiōsha
English publisher
  • NA: Juné

Original runFebruary 2004 – present
Original đoạn Clip animation
Directed byKeiji Kawakubo
Produced byYūki Morishita
Written byYukina Hiiro
StudioPrime Time
Released June 25, 2010 November 26, 2010
Runtime30 minutes
Audio drama
StudioInter Communications, Movic
Original runAugust trăng tròn, 2005September 29, 2017

The Tyrant Falls in Love (Japanese: 恋する暴君, Hepburn: Koisuru Bōkun) is a Japanese yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga. The Tyrant Falls in Love is a sequel vĩ đại Takanaga's series Challengers.[1] The series has appeared on manga best-seller lists both in nhật bản and in Germany,[2] and the long-delayed US release has been labeled "one of the most highly-anticipated yaoi releases ever".[3] The series is licensed in English by Juné. It is also licensed in German by Tokyopop Germany with the title Verliebter Tyrann, in Polish by Kotori with the title Zakochany tyran, and in French by Taifu Comics with the title The Tyrant Who Fall in Love.[4][5][6]

In 2010, the first volume was adapted into a two-part Original đoạn Clip animation (OVA) by Primetime.[7]


The story picks up on Morinaga and Souichi's story where Challengers left off.

At the start of '''The Tyrant Falls in Love''', in 2004, a year following the events of Challengers, Tomoe and Kurokawa recently moved vĩ đại California for Tomoe's new job when Souichi hears that California has just legalized gay marriage. Souichi furiously calls Tomoe vĩ đại tell him that he should not get any ideas about getting married, but Tomoe has not heard the news since he has been busy working. In effect, Souichi's Gọi does the exact opposite of what he wants, and Kurokawa and Tomoe lập cập off vĩ đại get married. Meanwhile, Morinaga laments vĩ đại a friend about his unrequited love for Souichi, who in turn gives Morinaga a special drug that will make Souichi more compliant. Morinaga tries vĩ đại throw it in the trash on his way trang chính but feels curious about it since Hiroto said it was ví good and ví reluctantly takes it trang chính and hides it in his cupboard. The next day, Souichi runs around yelling that he's going vĩ đại go vĩ đại America and get a green thẻ ví he can become the Governor of California vĩ đại re-ban gay marriage. Morinaga convinces him vĩ đại calm down and drink with him instead, ví he goes vĩ đại Morinaga's apartment vĩ đại drown his sorrows.

After Souichi drinks all the alcohol they have bought, he demands that Morinaga go out vĩ đại buy more. While Morinaga is out, Souichi searches his apartment for any alcohol he may have, finds the hidden drug-filled bottle, and drinks it, not knowing what it is. At first, it appears that it has no effect, and Morinaga believes his friend tricked him. They go vĩ đại sleep, but Souichi wakes up at night vĩ đại find himself aroused and unable vĩ đại move his body toàn thân properly. He tries vĩ đại sneak off vĩ đại relieve himself, but due vĩ đại the effects of the drug, his weakened body toàn thân trips and wakes up Morinaga. Morinaga sees that Souichi is aroused and understands that the drug Souichi has taken works. Thinking that Souichi would never return his feelings, Morinaga takes advantage of the situation. Despite Souichi's weak refusals, telling Morinaga vĩ đại stop, he continues anyway.

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The next morning, Morinaga is troubled by not being able vĩ đại control himself and what he did vĩ đại Souichi. Souichi is furious with Morinaga for betraying his trust and threatens him, but Morinaga also tells him that he has been insensitive. He reminds Souichi that he was aware of his feelings for him but became careless around him. Souichi then throws Morinaga out of his own apartment, who then goes vĩ đại the university in shame. When he returns trang chính, Morinaga calls Souichi vĩ đại apologize and makes plans vĩ đại avoid seeing him. At first, Souichi thinks nothing of it , but Morinaga completely vanishes and his classmates and friends begin vĩ đại ask Souichi if he knows where Morinaga has gone. Souichi is shocked, having thought that Morinaga had simply been avoiding him. After not being able vĩ đại tương tác Morinaga, Souichi begins vĩ đại grow extremely worried and anxious that Morinaga may have been hurt himself, getting his family tương tác info and searching for him, and going vĩ đại his apartment every day vĩ đại see if he has come trang chính. During this time, he realizes that despite everything that happened, he is willing vĩ đại forgive and forget the entire sự kiện between the two. He then realizes how desperately he wants Morinaga vĩ đại come back trang chính, saying the loss he feels is the worst one he has never felt.

Morinaga eventually returns vĩ đại his apartment vĩ đại pack up his belongings ví he can move away when Souichi finally finds him. Souichi lets it slip how frantically worried he was when he vanished, and Morinaga is deeply touched. Souichi tells him never vĩ đại go away again, and Morinaga tells him that if he is vĩ đại stay, they will have vĩ đại have sex since his feelings have not changed. Souichi, not wanting Morinaga vĩ đại leave, reluctantly succumbs vĩ đại the sexual advances and allows Morinaga vĩ đại have sex with him. The two commence a relationship which develops over the series.


  • Souichi Tatsumi - A first year doctorate student in the agricultural science department at a university in Nagoya. Extremely hot-headed and violent, he has a reputation of being a tyrant vĩ đại other students at the University and is not very social in result. After almost being raped by a gay professor and other bad experiences with homosexual men, he becomes extremely homophobic. Despite this, he unconsciously becomes deeply emotionally attached vĩ đại his research assistant and friend, Morinaga, whom he is aware is homosexual but allows by his side on the agreement that his sexual orientation not be an issue. He tries vĩ đại rationalize his dependency on Morinaga by convincing himself that having sex with him from time vĩ đại time is essential vĩ đại keep him in his life, although refusing vĩ đại admit why he needs him in his life in the first place.
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Tetsuhiro Morinaga - A first year masters student in the agricultural science department at a university in Nagoya. He has a rough past due vĩ đại growing up in a conservative family who drove him out of his hometown after discovering his relationship with a boy named Masaki, disgracing him, and leading him vĩ đại a life of partying and promiscuity before changing his ways. He has been in love with Souichi since he first phối eyes on him in university. While appearing happy and cheerful, Morinaga manages vĩ đại enter Souichi's heart, and enters into a sexual, although very complicated, relationship with him.
Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi
  • Hiroto - Morinaga's friend who works in a gay bar called Adamsite as a bartender. He often appears at the beginning of each volume and gives Morinaga advice on his romance problems, although occasionally growing tired of hearing about his love drama.
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Kanako Tatsumi - Souichi's 14-year-old sister. She mistakenly believes that Souichi and Morinaga are a couple, a belief that becomes less mistaken over time. She is shown vĩ đại be a happy typical teenage girl and is supportive of her brother having a relationship with Morinaga, often teasing him about it and discussing their latest drama with Isogai.
Voiced by: Ayaka Kyo
  • Taichirou Isogai - Mitsugu's friend and ex-coworker. He accidentally finds out about Souichi and Tetsuhiro's relationship when walking in on the two sharing a moment. He uses this knowledge as leverage vĩ đại keep Souichi from threatening vĩ đại kill Mitsugu and vĩ đại treat him better.
Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki
  • Tomoe Tatsumi - Souichi's younger brother and the main character of the manga Challengers. He is very smart, but ditzy and absent-minded.
Voiced by: Kouki Miyata
  • Mitsugu Kurokawa - Tomoe's husband. He was one of the main characters in the manga series Challengers. He lives in constant fear of Souichi and is deathly afraid of him.
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Kunihiro Morinaga - Tetsuhiro's older brother. He is partially the reason Tetsuhiro had left their hometown, being the one vĩ đại discover his relationship with Masaki, who was also his best friend, and vĩ đại reveal it their family and town. He hopes vĩ đại make amends with Masaki and his brother, only vĩ đại discover the amount of pain he unintentionally caused. Following this, he hopes vĩ đại change his ways. He has a side story in the series, which focuses on him and Masaki re-connecting again before eventually becoming a couple themselves.
Voiced by: Ken Narita
  • Junya Masaki - Tetsuhiro's first love and Kunihiro's best friend. He secretly started a relationship with Tetsuhiro in their teen years, but was actually in love with Kunihiro. Following Kunihiro finding out and harshly reprimanding them for their lifestyle, he tried vĩ đại commit suicide, but the attempt failed and he soon moved away vĩ đại start fresh. As seen in a side story, when he meets back up with Kunihiro, he initially takes it very badly due vĩ đại still holding a grudge towards him. However, they eventually move past their emotional barriers and become a couple.
  • Soujin Tatsumi - Souichi, Tomoe, and Kanako's father who often travels and has a love for bugs and nature. He is shown vĩ đại be lively and loves his children dearly. When Tomoe and Mitsugu come out about their marriage vĩ đại him when he comes vĩ đại visit, despite being shocked, he is accepting and says all that matters is that he's truly happy.
  • Yamaguchi - A friend of Morinaga who is in the same year and major as Morinaga.


The Tyrant Falls in Love was initially licensed in the US by DramaQueen, but had an extremely rocky road vĩ đại English-language distribution. DramaQueen initially announced at Otakon 2006 but due vĩ đại financial difficulties, the book was never released.[8][9] In early 2008, DramaQueen announced that it was reorganizing and would bring The Tyrant Falls in Love into print imminently.[10] However, after repeated delays and at least two official publication dates, the series remained unpublished. The series was available in scanlation, but DramaQueen issued cease and desist orders.[11]

At the 2009 Yaoi-Con, Juné announced they had acquired the license and would be releasing volume 1 in Q3 2010.[12]

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In May 2011, Takanaga announced that she was ending the series, but would draw at least one more volume of extra stories based on the manga and a sequel series featuring Morinaga's brother Kunihiro.[13] But in November 2012, Takanaga announced she had decided vĩ đại continue the series from where it left off, although it would be at a slower pace.[14]



No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 February 10, 2005[15]978-4-87724-398-2August 18, 2010[16]978-1-56970-172-0
2 November 10, 2005[17]978-4-87724-430-9December 1, 2010[18]978-1-56970-173-7
3 December 9, 2006[19]978-4-87724-483-5April trăng tròn, 2011[20]978-1-56970-174-4
4 April 10, 2008[21]978-4-87724-844-4August 15, 2011[22]978-1-56970-175-1
5 June 10, 2009[23]978-4-87724-129-2December 21, 2011[24]978-1-56970-176-8
6 July trăng tròn, 2010[25]978-4-87724-197-1April 25, 2012[26]978-1-56970-238-3
7 November 10, 2011[27]978-4-7964-0245-3August 29, 2012[28]978-1-56970-265-9
8 February 10, 2012[29]978-4-7964-0276-7July 31, 2013 [30]978-1-56970-281-9
9 April 10, 2014[31]978-4-7964-0553-9July 14, 2015[32]978-1-56970-343-4
10 April 10, 2016[33]978-4-7964-0852-3June 28, 2017[34]978-1-56970-369-4
11 April 11, 2018[35]978-4-7964-1138-7November 24, 2020[36]978-1-56970-383-0
12 February 10, 2020[37]978-4-7964-1348-0
13 November 10, 2021[38]978-4-7964-1482-1
14 June 9, 2023[39]978-4-7964-1594-1


In 2010 the first volume of the series was adapted into a two-part OVA by Primetime.[40]

1"Koisuru Boukun Volume 1"
"Koisuru Boukun 1" (恋する暴君 1)
June 25, 2010ANDS-13005
2"Koisuru Boukun Volume 2"
"Koisuru Boukun 2" (恋する暴君 2)
November 26, 2010ANDS-13006

Drama CDs[edit]

The BL Drama CD branch of Movic shut down in September 2012 and there are currently no plans vĩ đại make more drama cds for the series.[41]

  • Koisuru Boukun (August trăng tròn, 2005) Inter Communications) INCD-2145 [42]
  • Koisuru Boukun 2 (December 25, 2006) Inter Communications) INCD-2164 [43]
  • Koisuru Boukun 3 (June 22, 2011) Movic MACY-2920 [44]
  • Koisuru Boukun 4 (November 2, 2011) Movic MACY-2924 [45]
  • Koisuru Boukun 5 (March 21, 2012) Movic[46]
  • Koisuru Boukun 6 (August 22, 2012)Movic MACY-2939 [47]


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